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Robert Copeland and staff are the premier lenders in the Modesto California area.

Joel M.

This is my 3rd refinance with Robert. First time was to lower my rate and payment. Second time was to lower it some more. I was at about $500 less per month than originally financed. This last time we cashed out some equity and got into a conventional and erased PMI. Robert, Cristie and Adam are awesome. Period. They are master's of their craft for sure!

Steve W.

Nothing but great things to say! As soon as I spoke with Robert on the phone, I knew this was the company I wanted to work with on my re-fi. Not only is his team (Cristie and Zach) very professional, knowledgeable ,as well as very informative, patient and attentive to all of my calls, questions, and needs. Definitely will be working with them in the future! Highly recommend you will not be disappointed.

Stephanie Z.

I cant say enough good things about Robert and Christy and Zach at Cornerstone Mortgage! They are the best. They make the refinancing process pretty much painless ! They are kind, knowledgeable and professional ! Robert.... you rock !! Thank you so much !

Bill & Brenda S.

Robert Copeland and his crew are extremely professional! Ive got several loans through this company and have never been let down. Great work!! Always answers my questions and believe my I ask alot of questions!! Very knowledgeable of the current finances and whats available. They will work with you to make sure you get the best outcome and make sure you understand whats going on with your loan. Never any doubt im in good hands when working with this company!!!

Mathew M.

I have done business with Robert and his team twice in the last year they have been great! They are very knowledgeable and I have trusted them with one of the most important assets in my life home and they came though! I'm sure we will do business again in the future and I look forward to it...Thanks Cornerstone Mortgage.

Gina H.

Hands down without preamble, Cornerstone Mortgage gets it done. While others brag service job#1 cornerstone authored the book. If there's one take away that separates them from this crowded space you can actually communicate with the whole team at any level. Plain English, no double talk.

If you're tired of feeling like that squirrel in the wheel house, call Robert Copeland. State your business, discuss the business outcomes and be honest about your goals and expect the best service in the business.

Highly recommended!

Amado R.


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