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We are looking for a Branch Manager to take over our Modesto office.  We are looking for a hard-working, self-motivated Sales Manager to build out our loan origination department. Duties will include personal loan origination, recruiting and management of new loan originators and a general availablity for questions from subordinate Loan Originators. 
We have created an advanced technology platform where Loan Originators have access to a pricing engine with the best-priced investors in the country in every loan category guaranteeing the best rates available in the marketplace.  We have the most advanced CRM on the market today which automates client and partner benchmark notifications, pushes and pulls data into our loan origination platform and offers endless automated marketing campaigns. Our mobile app puts our clients in touch with the best mobile tools available today and allows consumer to consumer sharing through text, email or web access.
Our cloud based LOS allows users to work seamlessly from anywhere in the world. Our Ip based phone system can put your professional communications at your home, office or take with you on vacation. Our web presence allows your referral partners to automatically pull loan approvals right from our website with limits that you set up for each client.
If you are interested in talking to us about this position email us at


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Are you a producing Loan Originator looking for a better place to originate?  Would you like access to more products and better rates for your clients?  Would you like to choose your own compensation level to better reflect your place in today's market?  If so, you should consider making a change.  With branches in California, Hawaii and Nevada, Cornerstone Mortgage is hiring loan originators that want to improve their production and earn more.  Take a look below at what we have to offer and if you think we might be a good fit, let us know.
Here is what we have to offer:


Variable Compensation.  Your place in your market is different from your competition.  Perhaps you want to be the "cheapest guy in town" with the lowest rates.  Perhaps you are the industry expert that everyone wants to work with and you want to be compensated as such.  Perhaps you don't have the referral base that you want and want to be able to offer lower rates while you regain the market share you lost to competitors with more products or cheaper rates.  Whatever your reason, having the ability to choose your own compensation rate is an amazing benefit to working with Cornerstone Mortgage.
To understand how this works, you just need a quick lesson on how a company's rates are established.  First, every mortgage company gets its wholesale terms from its investors.  Some companies have one investor and others, like ours, have 20+.  When the investor is selected, usually by best pricing, the company adds it margin to the base rate.  To that rate, the Loan Originator's margin is added.  What you have after that is the rate the Loan Originator has to sell. 
If you compete on terms alone, then you may want to set your compensation rate on the lower end of the scale to make sure the rates you offer are always the lowest rates.  If you, are not looking to compete at that level, you may want to earn more for doing the same work and you may want to select a higher compensation rate.  Whatever you decide, those terms will be locked in on a quarterly basis and thus you can control the rates you sell and the compensation you earn.


Lowest Rates.  We deploy a pricing engine that allows our Loan Originators to instantly price all of their loans with all of our investors.  Every quarter, we shop all known investors nationwide to make sure we are partnered with the best priced investors.  By shopping to obtain the lowest wholesale money and by keeping our margin low, we give our Loan Originators the best chance at offering the lowest terms of any lender in the marketplace.  Our Loan Originators choose what investor they want the loan sold to and under what terms.  By giving our Loan Originators control, we put them in charge of their own success.


In addition to our compensation and pricing model, we offer: 
  -  Advanced Technology:
   -  A Robust Automated CRM.
  -  Mobility with Cloud-based LOS, IP Phones and More.
  -  Co-Brandable Mobile Ap 
  -  401K
  -  Health Benefits
If you are a productive Loan Originator looking to make a change, we want to talk with you.  Contact us at or call us!



Cornerstone Mortgage

5940 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 201
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 840-1500
NMLS ID 340311
NV: DML License: 4814
CA: DOC License: 60DBO86761
CA: DRE License: 01848420

5940 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 201
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 840-1500
NMLS ID 340311
NV: DML License: 4814
CA: DOC License: 60DBO86761
CA: DRE License 01848420

1500 Standiford Ave., Suite A1
Modesto, CA 95350
(209) 578-9000
NMLS ID: 1741490
CalDRE License: 01848420

200 Tampa St.
Turlock, CA 95382
(209) 633-3222
NMLS ID: 1739798
CalDRE License: 01848420

91-110 Hanua St., Suite 201
Kapolei, HI 96707
(808) 784-1239
NMLS ID: 1669660
HI: MLOC Liense HI-340311


Cornerstone Equity Group, Inc., dba Cornerstone Mortgage is an equal opportunity lender.

Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) ID: 340311. Additional NMLS branch licenses: 1739798, 1741490, 1669660.

Cornerstone Equity Group, Inc., dba Cornerstone Mortgage is licensed by the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending, license number 4814.

Cornerstone Equity Group, Inc., dba Cornerstone Mortgage is licensed by the California Department of Corporations under the Residential Mortgage Lending Act and Finance Lenders Law. CA Finance Lender #60DBO86761.

Cornerstone Equity Group, Inc., dba Cornerstone Mortgage is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate, License number 01848420.

Cornerstone Equity Group, Inc., dba Cornerstone Mortgage is licensed as a Mortgage Loan Originator Company by the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, license number HI-340311.

Any concerns, complaints or suspicions regarding the misuse of any personal data should be directed to our Operations Manager by telephone at (702) 780-1500 or by email at