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Using a Conventional loan to Purchase a Home

Conventional loans are loans that are not guaranteed by a government entity. Conventional loans can be used for primary residences and investment properties. Conventional loans vary in a variety of ways and can be used on a variety of properties.  The Conventional loan is the least restrictive loan on the market.  


  • Minimal Down Payment and Closing Costs.
  • Maximum loan amount is $417,000.00.
  • The minimum down payment is 3% of Sales Price.*
  • Gift funds can be used for down payment and closing costs allowed.
  • Seller can credit up to 3% of sales price towards buyers costs on principal residences.
  • Seller can credit up to 2% of sales price towards buyers costs on investment properties.
  • Credit Qualifying Guidelines such as:
  • 620 minimum credit score.*
  • Maximum debt-to income ratio of 45%.
  • Self Employment is acceptable.

*Restrictions apply